Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That's so college

One again everything Google (gmail, blogger, etc) is defaulted to Russian. It's good to be back. I was utterly exhausted for the first 3 hours yesterday, though, and fell into a bit of self-pity. It is very cloudy and rainy here now and the house is cold and echos because we just moved in. We also lost 2/10 suitcases adding an extra 45 minutes to the airport time. But in the last year I have finally matured to my mood swings and can identify when I'm really having the mean reds or just the girly blues. I knew it was time to sleep and sleep I did.

Today I babysat an adorable little boy. He had so much energy- exactly what I needed when jetlag hit. He ran around a playground for like 3 hours with his friends, being chased by dinosaurs. When I picked him up I asked if he wanted to go to the playground in the neighborhood. "Nooo that one's for babies!" he said, so we went to the playground at the school. Isn't it interesting how we usually talk about the place in life from which we just came with an exaggerated disdain? To be at a place that was intended for babies was unthinkable to a 5 (and a half!) year old. In the same way we say like, "Oh that's so high school!" or "What a middle school thing to do" or "They're so freshmen." Going the extra year put a little distance between me and college so I don't feel the need to compare every experience now, which is what I think we're doing when we say things like that. I wonder if these phases come after formal education ends. Perhaps someday I'll think "Oh those twentysomethings."

I'm not really sure what phase I'm in now and it's difficult to explain to people just what I'm doing in life. I'm still figuring out that myself. Maybe I really know and am just trying to put it into quick explanation terms people can understand. Teacher? Missionary? Student? Unemployed bum? The again, I never was one to be put in a box ;-)

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