Monday, August 17, 2009

What can I get for you?

At the urge of my many fans (well, Tommy really), I've decided to give you something to read other than the pictures of me with a gun.

I'm selling pizzas at a concession trailer at the state fair now. I work about 10 hours a day. The title phrase has been the most spoken thing out of my mouth along with "Can I get you anything else?" "That will be $3.50," and "Refill? What would you like to drink?" I've gotten really good at giving change. I think in terms of bills, not really numbers though, so if someone gets two slices of pizza and a regular pop, it's $7.50, and they give me $20, I think, 2 quarters, 2 dollars, and a ten, instead of $12.50. Or if it was just a slice of pizza, $3.50, and I get $20, I think, 2 quarters, 1 dollar, 1 five, and 1 ten. I don't know if anyone else thinks like that, but it works for me.

pizza code words:
oil spill = pepperoni
plane jane = cheese
hot bryan = sausage

Bryan is our fantastic boss and pepperonis really are quite oily. I don't like touching them because they make my hands itch and smell. I like working the front window until I get tired of talking to people and move to the back to decorate pizzas. It's cooler in the back and you can talk to whoever is tossing dough. I'm really bad at tossing, but maybe I'll get better by my last day (Friday). We trade pizza with the other concession booths, so so far I've tried chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick, chocolate dipped ice cream sandwich on a stick, chocolate dipped fudge brownie on a stick, Cajun chicken on a stick, fresh lemonade, mini cinnamon rolls, a french vanilla frappachino, and a peanut nut roll. I think I will die before this fair is over. I also got to go on the climbing wall for free!


Ian Kee said...

amy you're so cool for working at a booth at a fair. that's awesome!

indiana.amy said...

haha thanks ian! It is pretty fun, but terribly ironic that after 5 years of college this is my first job. It's making me be really glad that I won't have to work in fast food my whole life though!


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