Friday, October 2, 2009

First show in Moscow

On Wednesday, I went to my first show in Moscow. It was a Russian group called "The Royal" who sing in English. My friend Tanya is their manager and invited me. The band has been together 3 years, but this was their first show since the lead singer finished his time in the army. The show was at a venue called "Klub Dom," which Tanya says is well known among artsy people. It was pretty full. There is a stage, open standing area, bar, some chairs along the wall, and a platform to the side with tables.
The Royal is a Christian band and Tanya said most of the people there were from Russian churches. The show was very energetic and everyone was into it. I wished I had known the songs to sing along. Of course, people watching was a premium. I also saw a lot of people who work at my school there. My friend Amanda and I were commenting that, for Russia, it was a relatively normal evening.
And then we were informed that there were free milk and cookies for everyone after the show. I love how people think here :-)

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