Tuesday, December 22, 2009

White {Beach} Christmas

Aloha!  Despite all that Mother Nature tried to do to ruin Christmas, we were not delayed at all on our journey to Oahu.  Jake and Kim are cooking dinner now and Tommy, Mom, Dad and I are about to play Uno.  It's so fun to have the family all together and we've only had about 5 fights/day so far.  We bought a little Christmas tree and decorated our hotel rooms all fancy with lights and window stickers, and we'll do family advent every night.  My mom printed out scripts for us.  And there are a pile of presents under said little tree.  We love buying presents for each other :-)

So today we went to Target (which is just so exciting when you don't have it most of the time!) and then hung out at the beach.  I am such a white child right now.  I basically disappear in the sun, except for having turquoise toenail polish.  Our hotel had a torch lighting ceremony at sunset and a traditional dancers.  Kind of cheesy but I'm sure we'll get a lot of that this week. 

Obama is celebrating Christmas on the same island as us.  I think he gets here on Christmas Eve, so security will be tighter.  We'll be on Oahu till Sunday and then go to the Big Island (aka Hawaii) for a week.  Then back to Iowa for some snow and Moscow for a lot more snow...

Where are YOU spending the holidays?

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