Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wien, Österreich

I spent a very short weekend celebrating the friendship of Ramy wandering through a new city, getting lost, enjoying the journey, and getting woken up at 2am to a fake fire alarm (there is a story here).

RB and I were planning on staying in a hostel, but after meeting our roommate, whom we affectionately named "Creepy Johann" (he looked like a vampire), we checked out and relocated to a hotel across the square.  Other than that, it was an amazing weekend!  We saw all the great things Europe has to offer: Christmas markets, punsch, modern art, H&M...

One of many Christmas markets, a palace, and apple punsch (so good!!!)

Hanukkah dance party in the streets.  This was definitely a highlight

Crazy awesome house that somebody famous built.  I want to live here!

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