Friday, February 19, 2010

But really, what is a blog?

I know more people read this now and because of that I've changed the way that I write.  Now I do "updates," with a brief pondering every once in a while.  Some people can so successfully write about other things: books, films, travels, fashion, gardening tools, and bring up the big themes of life without actually saying it.  I hope that in some way this is what I do, but other times I feel I just need to come right out and say what I've been thinking.  If blog entries are any glimpse into a person's life, I used to be much more thoughtful, artistic, poetic, and now I just go places.  I'm also thinking of discontinuing the automatic flow of posts to Facebook. 

I'm on vacation this week and I already tonight I've been writing a lot of thoughts that I really want to share and hear other perspectives on.  I think my current stint as an English teacher and reading teenage poetry is encouraging me to write more.

Is this a forum for discussion, or a stage with a spotlight on me free to say what I want, but blinded to the knowledge of who is listening?

(except I'm kind of dying to know who in Tunisia recently visited the site)


denton said...

I'm listening/reading. If you do decide to do less facebook and more blog, I think it'd be great.

I have had a couple of blogs but they both died. Sure, they still exist, but I don't update them. That said, yours is more interesting and cool than mine were.

From a fellow temporary English teacher, I like reading your writing. And I don't know how to use commas, sorry.


ian kee said...

amy, great photo. is it yours?

Эми said...

Ian, yes I took it in Italy last summer, and polarized it

Elizabeth said...

Hi Amy, greetings from St. Petersburg! I've been following your blog for awhile, but you've been updating more recently, so I thought I'd say hi. I was actually in Moscow for one day and was trying to remember who from blogging lives there.


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