Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chinese food + Mothers = VICTORY

So this weekend was Victory Day which means the entire country of Russia went on vacation and had picnics.  I went on my first Russian picnic today, with shashlik in Sereberyanyy Bor. Sunday there was pretty awesome parade, which I watched on TV, glancing out the window to see airplanes on their way to Red Square.  Since the city was going to be crowded, we celebrated Mother's Day Saturday night.  We went to a Chinese restaurant called Дружба (Friendship) and had authentic cuisine- way more so than what you get in the US (ie no florescent sweet & sour pork or General Tsao (whoever he is)).  It was DELICIOUS. As for Moscow prices, quantity, and quality you really can't beat this.  We ordered 5 dishes (with rice and tea) and each could have fed 2.  Chinese style, of course, which means sharing everything. 

Here are some pictures to make you jealous:
Look how much we had left over!

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