Monday, May 17, 2010

Vignettes of this Weekend

Student: You suck (to another student).
Teacher (Me): That's unkind.
Student: Ok you're awesome, just not literally.
(I have a whole collection of student quotes)

30 minutes of unneeded traffic in a stuffy, hot, rickety маршрутка.  Wished someone else could be with me and share the danger.  Arrived home 40 minutes before my party was going to start and all I had made was the Sangria.  At least I know how to prioritize.  

Party of the Century!  One of the Beatles, a few hippies, a grunge rocker from the 1990, both 1950s housewives and working women, a 1970s Vogue model, and country club couple from the '80s showed up and we had a parade.

Stupid Pokrovsky shuttle bus that I keep missing and only comes every hour on the half-hour on Saturdays.  Stupid construction at Сокол and how long it takes to get to the metro.
Strolling down Tverskoi Bulivar in springtime on a Saturday is Moscow at its best.  About 50 Zombies walked by me too.  One yelled out in Russian that I looked sweet. 

Ms. Scarlet in the lounge with the revolver.  And then in the conservatory with a rope.

All you have to do to make friends is say "How I Met Your Mother" in a crowded room and like-minded fans will immediately voice their fanaticism and then you'll have a whole conversation with quotes.

Rain??? How long has it been since I've seen rain?!?  With thunder and lightening and flooding streets!  Oh it only lasted 20 minutes.

Kofemania is craaazy expensive, but I can't stop going there.  Two weeks ago I had the best latte of my entire life and today I tried an iced coffee with fresh orange juice.  Surprisingly perfect for reading a book on the outdoor patio.

What is discipleship?  Is it an opportunity or an obligation?  I love being a Sunday school teacher.  I just forget sometimes.  Colossians 3:12-17

I just lit some candles in the kitchen and sat down to blog.  And then I started talking to people and a few hours passed.  I am ready for this week.  Bring it.

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Эми said...

I cannot even get over that picture of the sokol metro. Because it really looks like that!!!


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