Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1,500 miles

In the past two weeks I have lived in the blue room at Grandma Norma's... an underground apartment... 3 basements... and a hotel.  I have been hosted by 5 wonderful friends and relatives.  I kept blankets and a pillow in my car, along with 8 books (brought and acquired along the way), a medicine supply, two suitcases, and too many pairs of shoes.  I've listened to two audiobooks, NPR, podcasts, and Regina Spektor, Florence and the Machine, and hours of other great music.  I ate at fabulous wedding feasts, and granola bars while on the go.  I drove approximately 1,500 miles just getting to each destination. 

And for what reason?

Because I love and am loved.  I have friends to are lovely enough to let me stay at their houses, invite me to weddings, and feed my soul with conversation.
And now I'm ready to slow down.
Someday I'll have a place where I can invite people to come; until then I journey on.

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