Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Return to Indiana

May was a good month in Moscow.  I had a birthday, went to an orphanage, ran my goal of 5K without stopping, went on a young adults retreat, Youth Sunday went well, I had a lot of work, and lots of other fun stuffs.
I'm in America now and forgive me, but I keep saying "WOW" every five seconds.  This is such a great place!  Everything is so convenient and free (as in liberty) and there are running trails and community baseball games and people speak English and smile and say hi to you and I can drive a car to get where I want and it's just so easy to do stuff!  So far, I've been culture shocking on a very subconscious level.  Like when I heard people speaking English at the airport and I knew that this was normal, yet something inside caused my ears to perk up and listen like I'd never hear it again.  Or when I flushed the toilet and it made a louder sound  in my head I knew that something was different.  Or seeing such big roads, and eating things with 100000x more sodium and flavor.  Weird.

One thing I do love here is the that women have a lot of freedoms.  I may really hate that this includes the freedom to leave the house with pajamas & flip flops on, but I can drive a car 9 hours by myself without anyone thinking that's weird.  Which is what I'm going to do now!

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Русский Tom said...

Amy! I miss you so much! Im glad youre having a great time in the U.S.! Ill see you soon. Oh and by the way, about that research paper I had. I got a 98% on it! Love you!


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