Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer 2010 is nearly here

6 days till I enter my mid-20s, 7 till I fly back to the US for the summer. 

My birthday is usually kicks-off summer for me.  Having a late May birthday is probably why I'll always function to some extent on the Northern hemisphere school year calendar.  I really need to start thinking about summer and getting excited, otherwise I'll just be really sad because this week is the last time I'll see a lot of the friends I've made here.  So many people are leaving... but such is the expat live.  There's nothing worse than wasting the time with people while you have it, because you're focused on what you're missing out on elsewhere.  "Be where you are" is the theme I'm trying to remember.  I've got all sorts of fun plans for the summer: weddings, road trips, Fourth of July, seeing friends from college, friends from study abroad, maybe even earning a little money...
So here are the official Tentative Summer 2010 Plans... (subject to change)
If you see your city on the tour, shoot me an email and we'll hang out!  I really am sorry to be so impersonal, but I want to see so many people and to have meaningful visits and this is the easiest way to plan it. 

May 30: Fly away from Moscow and arrive in Des Moines, IA
May 31- June 5:  Reunite with my car and drive to Indiana for Alana's Wedding
June 6-10: Chicago! en route to Nebraska (how many hours in a car???)
June 11-13: Nebraska for Rebecca's Wedding
June 14-26: Hard to say.  I'll be driving back through Des Moines to Oelwein and hope to stay a few days to see cousins.  Then I'll see my grandparents in Oelwein and do any of the following: playing with baby cousins, helping organize a church, selling things online, gardening, bonfires on the farm, annual dentist and eye doctor visits, runs through country back roads, breakfast at the Meal Site, supporting the local economy through many trips to the local coffee shop and art stores, small town parades, the annual Father Day's Omelet bfast, and going to the Amish shopping district which includes the bakery and "bump & dent" store. 
June 27-30: Indiana again.  I'm driving my little brother to a basketball camp in Richmond then hope to see friends in Indianapolis.
July 1-4: Meet Mom in Chicago and drop off Tommy, then spending a few days with friends.  Navy Pier for the 4th?  I hope so...
July 5-14: More open space.  I hope to visit some friends and family in Wisconsin; other than than I'll be in Oelwein. 
July 15-18: Jake's Wedding in North Carolina! 
July 19-24: Park City, Utah to vacation at the new house for the first time with the parents, brothers, best friend, and other various relatives.  Many to be determined recreational activities and good times are hoped for.
July 25-29: Possibly riding my bike across Iowa for RAGBRAI?  Anyone else?
July 30-August 1: Russian Studies Program reunion in Washington, DC!  Definitely a highlight of the summer
August 2-13: Iowa?  I might be getting tired of summer by this point... Most likely I'll be in Des Moines selling pizzas at the Iowa State Fair!
August 13-15: Tim's Wedding in Ohio
August 16-22: More Des Moines lovin' and FLY BACK TO MOSCOW!

whew.  Kind of makes me want to get a job that doesn't have summers off.  Naaaah...

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Q, La, and Gooner said...

The Bump and Dent store is awesome! I wish I still lived in DC so I could go to the reunion. Major bummer.


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