Sunday, June 27, 2010

What will you get for a dollar?

One of the first thing foreigners must notice about America is that you can buy all kinds of stuff here: food, clothes, and all kinds of random things to fill your homes.  In a book on economics I've been reading, the author points out when you spend money on something, you're essentially saying, "I think this is worth it."  So, for example, when you spend $8 to go to a movie, you're saying "I think seeing this film is worth $8, and I value it more than other things I could buy with $8."  I may be oversimplifying a principle, but lately I've been thinking of the things I spend money on in these terms.  It makes me feel more in control of my finances to make such conscious choices down to the dollar.

I've also been wondering if you can tell the things a nation values based on what you see for sale. 

Here are some very random things I've seen lately.  Would you buy them?
A clear, underwater themed toilet seat
A camo tuxedo
Dios es bueno cap

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