Saturday, September 4, 2010

Feels like home

Having a real 8-5 job makes me feel the expression "working for the weekend" in a much more literal way... I was a hermit this week, but I really needed to be.  It was insane.  But in spite of the moments where I think I have no idea what's going on, straining my voice to tell chatty students to calm down for the umpteenth time, and coming home exhausted, there isn't anything else in the world I'd rather be doing now.

And then comes the weekend-

Friday night at the expat watering hole (is there anywhere Irish pubs are not?)

Seeing old new friends and starting a fresh year,

Coming home with the smell of second-hand smoke and metro grime.

And back before the metro closes, because I refuse to pay gypsy taxi prices.

I wouldn't have it any other way.


momoscow said...

I'm glad you're here, too!

anna said...

so proud of you, Amy.

I was a hermit most of the week for similar reasons (8-1 job, 2-5 language lessons), and also hibernated most of the weekend, because I started getting a sore throat/runny nose/temperature on Friday night, which worsened on Saturday, but I did make it to church this morning, and I can now confirm the ubiquitousness of Irish pubs for you, because I was invited out to one in Beograd with a bunch of people tonight! wish me luck!

love.peace.prayers. :)


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