Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Giant Snow Globe in Red Square

My guess is they'll fill it with sexy girls and bears.  Actually, I think it's set up for the "Military Tattoo" show tonight, where different military bands will play on Red Square.  This weekend is Moscow City Day.  I went to meet some friends downtown, where security was tight in Krasnaya Polshod (Red Square).  It is also tradition that the first year university students have a big parade on Saturday, so there were lots of students chanting and waving flags for their faculties (departments). 
We walked around the square and also went to Church of Christ the Savior.  I took off after that and did some meandering on the way home, getting reintroduced to this city.  It has been cold and cloudy, but the sun came out and met me for a little bit.
My buddies, Menin and Pozharsky (from Nizhnii Novgorod!) who saved Moscow from the Lithuanians and Poles.
This is a monument called "The Vices of Adults Hurt Children," or something along those lines.  Sorry, I forgot exactly.  Each of the adults in the background have something written under them, like "war" or "greed."
Nice people feeding the ducks
Yay!  The sun!

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