Saturday, October 9, 2010

The great winter shoe search

What better way to spend a Saturday morning than to sleep in, eat Cinnabon, and look for shoes online?  I resisted booties all last year.  Usually their heels are too high, and the oversided, scrunched feel make me wobbly.  But I'm finally warming up to a few pairs...
Help me!  Vote on which shoes I should get!

1. in Black


Wheaton by Blowfish at
Wheaton by
Blowfish - Powered by Service
2. in Brown

4. in Purple... I've got a big crush on these


Alana said...

I vote Nottingham. Love and miss you btw. =(

Alana said...

oops... I meant Nottinghill. =p

Ru said...

I vote wheaton. :-)

Ru said...

oh oh oh! how 'bout these?

ian said...

i like purple.

Ru said...

that's not true, ian. you like orange.


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