Monday, October 11, 2010

Stories and Remebrance

“Children raised as foreigners often question the whole concept of home, never feeling that they quite belong anywhere… often, they find that the only permanence is in memory and in the stories they tell… In a nomadic world, telling our stories is one way to establish our place in time, especially when ties to extended family and community become tenuous and personal histories may be fragmented by moves, scripted by family mission, or silenced by the need to conform. Finding a voice can be difficult when language and location are always changing… telling our stories binds us in an act of remembrance.”

--From Third Culture Kids, Growing Up Among Worlds

I've been working on a paper all weekend about implementing a lesson plan with cultural relevance to students in ESOL.  I keep coming back to TCK material, but I've been having a difficult fitting it all together.  There really isn't a lot of information out there about the TCKs in ESOL.  Maybe I'll just have to start a new field of study.

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