Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo Forest

I went on a walk in the woods today.  It was beautiful, with the exception of some ankle biting mosquitoes.  The great thing about this city is that there is so much history here.  Many major cities boast of such a claim, but Moscow is different.  It's everywhere and it's not all common knowledge.  You have to do some digging and ask around, and maybe get someone to explain it to you.  For example, Tolstoy met his wife in my backyard which is also where Stalin used to go on retreats.  Ok, maybe not in the same spot, but general vicinity.  Walking distance.

I am so glad Spring is back!

Aristocratic theater, turned Committee sanatorium, turned railroad exec sanatorium, turned hip night club
There are always stray dogs

I would tell you more information on this forest, but that would be so un-Muscovite of me to give it all away so easily.  You can read all about it here from a wonderful lady named Phoebe who knows the history of  Moscow like the back of her hand.  Or come visit me.

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