Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summertime is coming- oh wait it's already here!

If I had to live through the last week over again, it would be worth it to get a day like Saturday.  I just didn't have much to do this week.  A little this, a little that, a few meetings, but nothing that felt too crucial.  Oh I'm not complaining about summer break!  I just wasn't expecting it this week.  Our school doesn't let out till June 17, but being the freelance educator I am this spring, I found myself in a week where I didn't have a lot going on, but just enough that I couldn't have any city adventures and I stayed in my neighborhood.  That was a very long sentence and had one of my tutoring kids written it I would have called them out on it, but I finished all my tutoring jobs this week so I don't care!  Next fall I'm going to be dreaming about these lazy days, so I really shouldn't say anything else about it.

So yesterday morning I had a breakfast meeting at Starlite Diner- I love breakfast and Starlite's free refill Americano cannot be beat.  Free refills are not a known concept all over the world!

After I got home and some came friends over to watch the epic childhood favorite: Mighty Ducks.  Afternoon turned to frosting cupcakes, family dinner, and dinner led to the back porch for the inaugural lighting of our new fire-pit.  We conversed about the goods and bads of expat life, of living in America, and secretly dreaming of someday being Mom-bloggers.

Take it season by season should be my new life motto- at least for this summer.

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