Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tires, Scrabble, and a fish named Carl

On Thursday, a tire went flat on my car. I was driving to Indianapolis and it went boom! and I barely made it to a gas station where Dan was able to change the tire. I got him to the airport, the spent a few hours getting a new tire put on. That night "we" went to a pretty cool place in Ft Wayne for some end-of-semester fun :-) I remember why I was in so much better shape in high school...

Friday noon Rebecca and I took off on an expedition across the Midwest. We spent the night in the middle of Illinois with Rebecca's friends she met in Africa at Lincoln Christian College. We played Scrabble and I was like 50 points behind everyone because I'm terrible at that game, but the next morning at Cracker Barrel I won the triangular golf tee game, which reaffirmed that while I am not very good at word games, strategies are my thing. Rebecca brought her black chubby goldfish back to Nebraska, so for the many many hours I cuddled with a fish named Carl. I'm reading a book called "Three Cups of Tea" that Ru lent me a while ago, which is really good. On the way, we went to my cousins house in Iowa last night for a Christmas party. It's weird, because I was just there for Thanksgiving, but it was really nice to see them all again. And they had amazing food, as usual. I have been very blessed with amazing aunts. Rebecca's family is really great. I love staying with families- next spring is going to be de...wait for it... lightful! Except I'm staying in a room with a snake. He was hiding at the bottom of his cage last night and I have yet to see him... I think it's best this way...

We're about to go to church now, so tata for now. Write on (or start, RB) your blog so I can know what everyone is up to this Christmas (and/or Jterm).


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Ian Kee said...

end-of-semester fun! yeah! =D


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