Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snowed In.NE

Well, I am still here at Rebecca's house in Nebraska, which is not a bad thing at all! Her family is very sweet and... family-ish :-) I'm so thankful for all the families who have taken me in over the years. It's freezing here so Monday we stayed inside and watched CSI. RR's little brother, Jared invented a game called "Great Idea!" where you have to go around a board and answer trivia about inventors. It's pretty awesome. I might steal it for a lesson someday :-) Jared is such a cute kid too. See pictures:

Today RR, her mom & dad, and I went to Omaha for lunch and shopping fun. We ate at a delicious restaurant called the Flat Iron Cafe. It's a pretty high end place, so I got duck :-) The stores in the Old Market district are really nice, also high end though. Take for example, the $80.00 Alpaca Teddy Bear. We went to an imports store with lots of things that made me feel homesick for Asia... but mostly I wished I were back there because I knew how much less I'd be paying there for the same things. There was also a store called "Red Square" with fun Russian things, but I got shy and didn't speak to the shopkeeper in Russian.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get to Des Moines and see my cousins!

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