Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2nd Day Jterm

Yuck, I'm sick. I got meds from the Health Center today and they took some blood, too. Then I got re-certified in CPR for my teaching license. Jterm has yet to impress me. So I'm going to have to just make it amazing on my own. Russian Christmas is tomorrow! What shall we do?

Good things have happened so far, besides being sick. My stuff is almost packed/arranged/out of the way of everyone else's stuff. And I really like my class, Contemporary Christian Belief, but I think I may have to call up some of those genuis philisophers I know for help pretty soon.

Deductive logic- got it. Inductive logic- got it. Actually using them- um...

For example:
Amy understood the readings on logic today
Amy tends to forget things that are logical
Therefore, Amy will probably forget what she understood today when it comes to the test

Amy loves Alana. The end.

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anita said...

merry Russian Christmas!


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