Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Final Return

I'm back in Upland. I listened to chapel online. I ate at the DC. I stood in line for half an hour at the bookstore. I checked my email in the ETC. I went to class. And then I came home to sort. With 2 people moving in, our apartment is a mess. Boys came to help us rearrange our apartment. Things will get better, but I'm just a bit tired now and emotional about the whole packing up to leave in a month thing. I was really glad to see Rachel again. We have the class together, which seems like it will be quite interesting- Contemporary Christian Belief. Apologetics... My vocabulary is growing with words like preponderance and noetic. I like to say creedal. hehehe. I was also really happy to see Alana. We talked and ate food together again. I need to speedy finish up with my stuff, so other people can move their in, and I can go do my homework. Ew.

Last night my dad and Jake dropped me off and we took pictures

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