Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In summary.

To describe the last few days, I would say...

Ramy.Mi Pueblo.2.5 miles.nonstop.staying up too late.kids.chess bars.stratego.love.fathers.strangers.homes.peace.tears.dishes.packing. film.india.eyes.millionaire.glow sticks.ethics.volitional sin.packing.driving.family.broad ripple.chicken makhani.eyes wide open.lint brush.teacher clothes.early morning.tea.fireplace.closet space.Narnia wardrobe.garage door opener.Pachamama.Captain Planet.

PS. Jake convinced me to change the page back to its simpler form. It just took a month for me to actually do it :-)


Ian Kee said...

you didn't mention listening to ian study for a test. haha. :)

indiana.amy said...

That happened after I wrote this... maybe you'll make it into the next life update!


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