Thursday, September 24, 2009

Clean Up Your Own Backyard

One of the best things about living in PkH is getting TCM. I love old movies, with all the dancing and 1940s morality (how many euphemisms can you come up with for sex?). I was babysitting last night and watched a pretty cheesy Elvis Presley movie called "The Trouble with Girls," which really didn't have anything to do with what the title sounds like. It featured an adorable Anissa Jones (oh yes I grew up watching Family Affair. I put my hair in curly pigtails and named a couple toys Buffy and Jody), a cameo by a pre-Brady Bunch Cindy, and one very catchy song I've got on repeat. I highly recommend the download. I ended up feeling pretty neutral about the movie. It's not too terrible- a little slow and the white suits became annoying very fast.

When Elvis died, was it as big of a deal as Michael Jackson?

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Ian Kee said...

elvis dying was a bigger deal than micael jackson.


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