Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm Blue (da ba de)

I live in a blue room, with a blue little window, and everything is blue for me.  Actually I just realized I've been living in blue rooms all year.  I got to choose the color in my room since we moved to a new house over the summer.  Tommy chose green, I chose blue.  Well it turned out really blue.  This bothered me ever so slightly when I first got here and I might have started crying; however, since we only have about 9am-4pm of {cloud covered} daylight now, I have come to realize how vital my room is to helping me remember that a sky could be blue.

I just put up a lot of the pictures and got the framed mirror in the last few weeks.  And so, thanks to Ben's Pano iPhone app, here are the two sides of my room.


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Эми said...

PS Tommy is sitting in my internet spot. My door is, unfortunately, the limit of our wireless signal.


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