Monday, September 6, 2010

Please speak well of me

Dear The Weepies,

Thank you for making good music.  Just thank you.

I've had such a procrastinating evening.  I came home.  I worked on the 1500 piece puzzle I got for my birthday (it's honestly the first puzzle I've ever voluntarily attempted).  I ate dinner.  I made brownies.  I tried to read for my online course, but the document is 47 pages long and I can't find a good study groove.  I wish I could go to Paynes and get lost in learning. 

I keep waking up feeling like autumn.  Like I could just jump in my car and drive around the back roads of Indiana with the windows rolled down and the music cranked up, breathing in the scent of changing leaves.  Maybe for the rest of my life whenever the weather cools and scarf season begins, I will remember my 5 falls in Upland.  The other night I made Judy's curry dish and so many things came back to me.  MuKappa retreats, late nights in the Souphouse, fall break trips, and everything I loved about fall semesters.  Truly, I could not have asked for better friends.

I've been away
a year and a day
you recognize love
after the fact
you did what you did and that was that
dont say words that you dont mean
when I'm gone please speak well of me

looking back now

I only wish I had been kinder
did I ever know love?
did I ever know love?
and could I have been blinder?
dont say words that you dont mean
when I'm gone please speak well of me

dont hold back 
~The Weepies 

1 comment:

Leah Dumey said...

I've been to Paynes in Upland...or Gas City or whichever it's in :)

I miss you, Amy!!


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